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Microsoft Bing is the world's second largest search engine. Bing search now covers 36 countries and regions worldwide and claims more than 600 million search users through its network. Bing Ads advertising platform enables advertisers to connect with those valuable potential customers.



searches per month



884 million
searches per month



222 million
searches per month



5 billion
searches per month



738 million
searches per month



searches per month


Latin America


776 million
searches per month



18 million
searches per month


For more than a decade, Westwin has explored new technologies and solutions in search engine marketing. The company has developed an advanced operating platform through research and development and continual innovation. As one of Microsoft’s most important partners in China, Westwin has the ability to leverage multiple advertising platforms to deliver seamless advertising solutions across multiple audience platforms. Westwin can provide Chinese advertisers with marketing solutions that reach global audiences.

Low cost

Pay for performance
click advertising

team service

Around the clock
professional marketing
services support


Bing Ads can
target users according
to region, platform,
time, etc.

Low threshold
and flexible budget

Advertisers can
set budgets along with
specific performance criteria

Bing Ads has a very high market share in Asia-Pacific market with high conversion rate. Users tend to spend a long time on Bing, and it’s easy to use and integrate with 3rd party tools.

Bing owns high user volume with strong maganism in markets like USA, Germany and India. Accurate keywords can attract right target, therefore have helped us raise the conversion rate.

Our cooperation with Bing started from 2013. Bing brings high-end visitors from oversea countries constantly, especially from English speaking areas. High traffic and easy way to manage keywords are things that make Bing even more attractive.


Westwin provides cross-border marketing strategies and solutions to help your business in China.
With years of experience and solid partnerships, we fulfill your marketing needs with excellence. We have helped numerous brands reach their cross-border goals in the Chinese market.

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We offer cross-border digital marketing strategies & solutions to help your business in China.

As a proud Certified Partner of Baidu, WeChat & Weibo, we follow industry's best practices and fulfill your marketing needs with excellence. We already helped numerous brands to gain success in China.

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Since 2005, we have been providing brand communication for clients through Microsoft online platforms, served local and MNCS clients like Benz, Volkswagen, L’oreal, Cartier, P&G, Unilever, Lenovo, Samsung etc… Westwin inherited the branding and marketing consultancy business of Microsoft Advertising, is now creating and optimizing digital brands through strategic approach on positioning, culture consultancy and creative content. We bring marketing strategy alive across channels on social medias, display ads, search engine, public relations and content discovery platforms to help Chinese brands positioning in the mind and heart of overseas consumers.

01 Research & Analysis
  • Brand Audit
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Understanding
06 Reporting
  • Trend Studies
  • Product Insight
  • Brand Perception
  • Data interpretation
  • Community Analysis
  • Post campaign performance analysis
02 Branding Strategy
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Story & Vision
  • Brand Communication
  • Brand Value Proposition
05 Media & PR
  • Media Buy
  • PR Strategy
  • Media Strategy
03 Digital & Social
  • Digital Brands
  • Digital Experiences
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy
04 Integrated Communication Strategy
  • Video
  • Web Content
  • Infographic
  • Blog Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Storytelling Marketing Campaign
PR partners

PRNeswire, Reuters

Ad-tech platform

AppNexus, BrightRoll
Taboola, Outbrain, Criteo


Microsoft, Windows, Outlook
MSN, Skype, Xbox, Bing, LinkedIn
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google
YouTube, Pinterest, TripAdvisor

A Historical High Shopping Strip

The client is one of the iconic and historical high shopping strips in Melbourne. In 2014, the shopping strip realized a need to update its branding and marketing offering to attract digital savvy younger generation due to the challenges brought on traditional retail by online shopping.


We worked with the shopping strip council to crafting its new branding and marketing strategy. Some of the efforts are PR, social and partner program.


We saw a significant increase of the client’s brand name been mentioned on social media thanks to our branding message reflected target market’s actual needs, as well as relevant social media engagement. We heard Melburnians talking about client’s brand due to our effective PR strategy. Today, the shopping strip is rejuvenated.

A Top Hotel Group In China

The client was tapping into digital communication to grow its market share to younger generation, to evoke target market’s emotional connection with the hotel brand.


We crafted its Wechat campaign strategy (mini game) which was highly fitting its overall branding outlook. The strategy then was brought live by the development team.


We saw active social engagement participation within first day of campaign launch. The campaign made positive impact on brand awareness and recognition. Most importantly, this campaign further emphasized the client’s brand image as the iconic cultural hotel group in China.


The client is in the journey to acquire new customers, deepen existing fan engagement and enhance its overall game experience.


We visited one of the major game, analyzed its game experience with key application to service marketing and finally provided recommendation on how to increase fan experience.


Recommendations were taken by the client’s marketing team for implementation.

An Australian Financial Firm

The client specializes in financial planning, HR solutions for financial industry and financial conference, based in Sydney. The group was in need of building its digital presence to meet a fast-growing market demand.


Strategized its digital branding, website user experience and managed its website development; Launched its services both offline and online, in which led PR communication and third-party collaborators in order to gain exposure cost-effectively; Grew the brand presence through integrated communication strategy.


Within 3 month, the new service gained market recognition vastly within Sydney’s financial planner market. The target market learnt about this new solution. Sales has increased more than 60%.

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